"How to Maintain your Physical & Mental Health amongst this Turbulent Time"
We are now facing a tremendous crisis in human history. It is tough for everybody; however, we must find ways to survive.
Since we have no control over the situation, here are my tips to help you coping with the stormy circumstance from within:
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1. Start taking control of your well-being just like the meaning of "Epigenetics" above:
Be mindful of what you are thinking and doing. You can achieve strong mental and physical life by practicing disciplinary routines such as daily excercising, being careful of what you eat, developing healthy sleep pattern, and taking a break from social media.
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2. Realize that Physical and Mental Health is deeply connected. You cannot treat your symtoms separately.
This is a crucial fact that I experienced by myself and I would like to share with all of you.
When I was pregnant with twins, the relationship with my ex-husband was getting worse and worse. It affected me big time. I suffered so much since the first trimester until after I gave birth to my twins.
Back then, I didn't realize the importance of mental wellbeing. I ended up with sad and painful pregnancy and massive pain after giving birth.
My whole body was mul-functioned and I couldn't even produce enough milk for my twins.
Luckily, my kids' pediatrician noticed my symptoms. She immediately knew that I needed mental health care due to the traumatic experiences that I had been through over a year.
When my kids were 3 year-old, I divorced my husband and my physical and mental health has been drastically improved. I feel deeply appreciated for my kids' pediatrician for noticing and taking action to help me. Now she is like my second mother. It is true that you will see the brightest star in the darkest place.
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3. Now you realize the root cause so let's dig deep into the hormones in your brain.
You can follow the suggestion from the infographic above to boost positive feelings and diminish the negative ones.
For example, if you are feeling stressed and lonely, try boosting "Oxytocin" by listening to your favourite kind of music, excercising, and meditating.
4. Lastly, as we are now working from home, being procastinating is our major enemy. Though this clip is in Thai, it is based on the Ted Talk - Inside a mind of a master procrastinator by Tim Urba. You can check out his talk below:
From both clips, we can conclude that we need to constanly thriving to strengthen our productive routines. There is a 28-Day Rule indicating that you can adopt new routine if you do it continously for 28 days.
I hope you find my article useful and I am sending love to you all. Hope you can find peace, keep your sanity, and are able to stay healthy during all the chaos surrounding us.
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