Khao Sukim Temple. Beautiful temple of Chanthaburi , Thailand.
Hello all friends. Welcome to tourism Thailand with my website Today I will take you to travel to Chanthaburi and to visit Khao Sukim Temple.
I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Umaphan. You can call me mama bear. Because I’m the biggest in my house So, I’m a mama bear. (hahaha)
Khao Sukim Temple is one of the most beautiful in Chanthaburi province.
Follow us to watch together. Khao Sukim Temple has a large area and is very shady. In front of the temple, there is a fish pond larger than 3 football fields.
You can feed the fish. By making merit for 20 baht, you will get 1 can of fish food. Khao Sukim Temple is on the left-hand side of the road.
There is a beautiful entrance arch to the temple. The big pond you can see is full of fish. useful in the dry season.
The big building at Khao Sukim Temple. This is Burapha Thit Wiriya Pracha Samakkhi Pagoda. This building is similar to a museum.
It is divided into a school for monks to learn the Tripitaka in 3 languages. (Tripitaka = Buddha’s teachings) You will see many large Buddha statues on the side of the pond.
You can go inside to pay respects to the Buddha statue. You can sit at the front or stand on the side and take photos with the Buddha statue
and is strictly forbidden to sit or stand on the Buddha statue. You can walk up the stairs to see the temple above or you can choose to take the cable car up.
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