It’s imagine and think become true. Do act as if, you are . The law of attraction. The law of Universes.
It’s deep and complicated to explain. Many factor you have to open your heart to acceptable in mystery.
If you believe in God you would know God is created you and trying to bring your soul back to His kingdom. The way to go back to Him is the name of Jesus Christ.
Your brain has put a new program and bind you of the world. You was blinded and can’t see the truth.
Your brain is lie you and trying to accuse you . And many time it’s speaking with you. And you have to ignore.
Please put a new program to yourself in the good way how to feel good and good attitude. And bring your soul to abundance life.
No matter what it be in this world. No matter who you are right now . You have to raise your heart up from surrounding and situations.
Give Thanks to God and no worry in anything. Keep peace in your mind. And do your best in daily.
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