1. Stop gossiping Classy women don’t gossip about other’s life – especially about other people’s bodies and appearances,
2. Learn some table manners and etiquette. table manners and etiquette still matter if you want to be a high-class woman.
3. Mind your posture. Posture means a lot, this is the way you display yourself in front of other people.
4. Spend time with other women. behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.
5. Be decisive. When it comes to some important decisions, she can always be decisive and responsible for her own life.
6. Be playful and youthful. She is always keen on exploring different opportunities about herself and being creative with things. It’s nothing to do with age but heart.
7. Engage people with real eye contact. Eye contact is so important because this reflects our attention, comfort, and sincerity and your eyes speak more than words.
8. Master the art of moderation. Classy women know that everything in life is about taking a balance.
9. Practice being present. Being in the present moment by not looking back in the past or worrying about the future.
10. Don’t wear hot/ripped jeans. How you dress is how you be addressed. Jeans are okay but hot jeans may be a little bit too much to present yourself as a classy lady.
11. Wear white jean shorts instead of blue denim.
12. Iron your clothes always.
13. Stop wearing yoga pants that often.
14. Don’t wear a bandage dress if you want to look classy.
15. Don’t wear neon and high saturation colors like bright yellow or bright orange.
16. Go with natural colors and low saturation colors. Colors like beige, ivory, grey, white and black are always perfect for mix and match.
17. Play with Pastels colors to highlight your femininity.
18. Add a good-quality scarf to a structured bag. Instead of buying designer bags every half year, buying a high-quality silk scarf is definitely more affordable and you can learn different scarf styling from time to time.
19. Wear pointed-toe shoes instead of round-toe shoes.
20. Apply lotion not only on your face but also neck and body.
21. Don’t respond to rude and nonsense comments.
22. Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep.
23. They don’t validate her value through a man. A man indeed can be an important part of life but her life is definitely more than that.
24. Self-care is your priority. how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.
25. You have your bottom line and you won’t break them under any circumstances. You are mature enough to stay strong in the values you believe.
26. Always count your blessing and have gratitude in your heart. An elegant woman always appreciates the small little things that happen in life.
27. Be polite and kind to EVERYONE. Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.
28. Don’t do self-pity anymore. It’s our choice to think life is happening to me or life is happening for me.
29. You understand your emotions and flaws. It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. After all, we are just humans.
30. You let go of toxic people in life. there’s no reason for keeping them to hinder your journey any more.
31. Don’t do any big decisions at the midnight. people are flooded with intense emotions during nighttime.
32. You love helping people. always be helpful and not selfish around people.
33. Comfort is always the first priority when it comes to picking shoes. Making our feet hurt and the walk-in weird way all day long is not classy at all.
34. Stop wearing Stiletto heels.
35. Quality > Quantity. instead of buying a bunch of fast fashion clothes, buy clothes with durability and high-quality fabric.
36. Know your body well. Figure out your body shape so you can know which type of clothes fit you the best.
37. Wear comfortable undergarments. No matter you want to be classy or not, we women, deserve to get a fitted bra and comfy underwear.
38. Have a great smile. Always use dental floss after a meal outside.
39. Always be punctual.
40. Wear silk pajamas. Not only this is good for your skin but you feel feminine and beautiful after wearing this.
41. Always be careful with your daily wordings because your wordings are self-affirmation.
42. Don’t speak curse words.
43. Don’t show off.
44. Exhibit confidence. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who always smiles often and knows that she is enough.
45. Keep learning new things every day.
46. Stay away from heavy makeup.
47. Have your own interests and hobbies.
48. Eat slowly to enjoy the food.
49. Learn the basics of wine pairing.
50. Wear a turtleneck more in winter.
51. Wear perfume.
52. Choose quality fabrics. Silk, satin, and cashmere are perfect choices.
53. Don’t be jealous of other women.
54. Think before you make your standpoint. Allow yourselves to have a few seconds of pausing time to really express your point in a more articulate way.
55. Travel more. meeting different cultures and traditions can make you be a more humble and compassionate person.
56. Stay away from social media. You definitely have more things to do than aimlessly scrolling other people’s life!
57. Don’t try to convince people. there’s nothing wrong with people having opposite opinions.
58. Less is more. A classy woman always understands simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
59. Take care of your space. you’re a reflection of your environment.
60. Don’t wear designers clothes with BIG ICONS. whether it’s your intention or not, it looks like you are dressed to improve others.
61. Be hygienic. Washing your hair when needed and keeping your nails clean! People can tell.
62. They are mysterious. Classy women values privacy and they won’t reveal anything too personal with people when they first meet.
63. You won’t please others and people’s expectations of you, you live your best life for yourselves.
64. She can always remember the names of people she meets. In high society, it’s really rude to forget people’s names.
65. Always express your emotion at the right timing. A classy woman always knows her emotional limits and expresses the emotion out at the right timing.
66. Classy woman is not all over herself. Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.
67. A classy woman gives authentic compliments.
68. A classy woman is not dramatic. If someone is wasting their time, they observe, digest the fact, and let them go.
69. She is always gracious. No one request she does so but she always wants to find ways to express her love to people around her.
70. She is timeless. You will never get bored with her because she keeps bettering herself and evolving. She is like a ray of sunshine that effortlessly attracts the men and also captivates the women.
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