🎓🌐 Are you eager to learn and grow while diving into community and project initiatives? We're searching for passionate individuals to join our Community and Project Internship program! 🤝✨
📚👉 As an intern, you'll focus on learning the ropes of crafting compelling content and driving community engagement. This role is your gateway to gaining hands-on experience and making an impact! 💬📢
🎯 Your Role: Dive into developing exciting content, supporting events, and collaborating with startups and professionals to foster an innovative community. 🌍✨
🔍📌 Requirements: Fluency in Thai and English, a hunger for learning, and a passion for community growth and content creation.
🎓📧 Ready to jump-start your learning journey? Send your resume to tdpkcareer@truedigitalpark.com and be part of our mission to shape a thriving community while growing and learning along the way! 📩🤝
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