Bad Relationship : Sun and Plant
Love definition, Sometimes it's like having a good relationship with someone.
And have a feeling of wanting to give good things always to that person.
But sometimes it gives too much, Too little or give what the other party doesn't want.
May not affect the relationship in the long term.
And, Of course, We are talking about the so-called
Bad Relationship
That could mean an unhappy relationship.
Until causing damage to any party or negative effects on the relationship of both parties.
Such as the relationship between sunlight and plants. The sun that shines on the plants.
We all know that light is an important factor in plant growth.
This is because light allows plants to produce food completely with Chlorophyll as a
conductor of light for energy to convert Carbon Dioxide and Water into Oxygen and Carbohydrates.
- If the plant receives less light will directly affect photosynthesis.
The respiration and food production processes of plants are slowed down.
Sugar stored in plants will be used up and will cause the plant to die.
Also known as stasis state.
This is because plants receive less light intensity and temperature than they should be.
- If the plant receives more light than necessary can also directly affect Chlorophyll,
Which is necessary for photosynthesis, is destroyed.
This makes the process of creating food in plants less feasible.
The leaves of the plant have to compete with other parts of the food.
The obvious external features are leaves turn yellow
Or it may burn to brown due to the destruction of chlorophyll in the leaves.
Good relationships often come from understanding moderation and consistency.
With a good relationship, Our love will surely Flourish!
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