Project Intro
About Arbitrum
<b>About FoxWallet
About Atem Network
Atem Network is a decentralized content creation protocol, aiming at helping creators tokenize their content and build web3 native communities.
About Meta2150s
Multi-chain One-stop GameFi Aggregator & Launchpad for GameFi, NFT, Guilds, and Game enthusiasts.
About Quest3
Quest3 is a Marketing Tool Collection for Sustainable Web3 Project Growth incubated by Hogwarts Labs.
4EVERLAND is a web3 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.
About Spool
Spool is a permissionless DeFi platform that connects Capital Aggregators with DeFi Yield Generators.
With one deposit you can access multiple yield farms of your choosing managed by DAO-curated Risk Models, Spool will auto-rebalance, auto-compound and maximise yield. Set and forget.
About 0xgen
0xgen is the one-stop liquidity aggregator that offers the best swap experience for traders and easy-to-build swap Widget (SDK/API) for projects.
🎁 Reward 🎁
Finish all the quests, you have chance to get the following rewards:
- 1 of 10 Atem Pen NFT (each worth 15 USDT)
- 1 of 10 Quantum Force NFT (each worth 30 USDT)
- 1 of 5 4EVERLAND Vesource Voucher (value 20USDT)
- 1 of 50OG 0xgen Badge (eligible for governance token airdrop, each worth 20USDT)
- 200USDT in Spool Token, 5U each
- 1100USDT, 5U each
⏰ Time ⏰
March, 20 - March, 31 10:00AM UTC
Total 2000U+ rewards giveaway, go finish quests and share them!
More benefits are on the way! 🆙🆙🆙
There are a total of 7 quests, complete any 7 to claim event rewards. During the event, the host may modify the number of quests that must be completed, and users who have completed the quest before the modification will not be affected.
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