This patient had pneumonia.
Pain in the rib area due to pneumonia
a Burmese woman (Mrs. Weima) holding a foreign card to receive treatment at a chronic disease center
The picture shown indicates the point where the herbal poultice will be applied to reduce inflammation.
11/11/2022 treating Mrs. Weimae
12/11/2022 Teach her daughter Wei Mae to use herbs to heal her mother.
Burmese grandmother named Ma Yindee (no last name)
to treat arteriosclerosis unable to walk
Grandma's family is pleased. Take a photo with the doctor and the gardener.
came to treat cerebrovascular disease, unable to stand, unable to walk
He is now gone and can walk. On his way home to Burma
Mrs. Ma Yindee's husband and son.
11/11/2022 The son brought the Burmese father. Came to treat a lot of pain in the legs. and came to get medicine for his mother (Mrs. May Yindee, Burmese)
A young man is in a car accident, unable to lift his arm.
Dad took me to get treatment.
abnormal scapula
There were traces of wounds on the arms, elbows.
Father helping to do physical work
Normalize bones and tendons It is expected that the patient will recover within 1 month.